Go For Wholesale Marcasite Earring For That Gorgeous Look

Being unique is not an easy thing to pull-off but with wholesale marcasite earring it´s an immediate effect. In fact, with wholesale marcasite earring pair, you can be the trendiest woman in the room. Just let that inner light and good taste shine through showing who you are. Accessorize properly with an amazing pair of wholesale marcasite earrings. Read on and find out how to wear them and be everyone´s envy.

Being the trend-setter is never easy

Being a trend-setter is never an easy challenge to cope with. Most people have a hard time being themselves when all eyes are looking in their direction. When you set out in an adventure like wearing a pair of wholesale marcasite earring, you have to be bold. Yes, they will bring you apart from the rest; put you on top of the wave. They will require from you to be ready to be different, unique and passionate. 

Dare to the challenge

Being ready for the challenge of being different is not easy. Some people don´t wear clothes and accessories they love because of this simple reason. This material in which wholesale marcasite earring is constructed is different from the rest. For starters, it will change when the light reflects in it and also can create amazing shapes. 

The material in which wholesale marcasite earring is made of is easier to handle than many other precious stones. Marcasite is punctuated 6 in the Mohs hardness scale. This quality gives artisans the ability to shape it in many different forms creating unique pieces. 

If you dare to the challenge of being different, read on and learn how to wear wholesale marcasite earring.

How to make wholesale marcasite earring part of your outfit

Making a beautiful pair of wholesale marcasite earring part of your outfit has a few tricks. The following tips will allow you to shine through night and day like no other.

Marcasite with turquoise stones

This classic combination of marcasite and turquoise is a match made in heaven. There are few stones that can be matched so flawlessly like these two. Perhaps you want to give a touch of color to a dark outfit? Well, this combination is perfect for that. If your outfit is already colorful and you want to add another one, then this combination is perfect too. Just try to wear them far from anything gold or too bright and let them shine on their own.

The right shape

Finding the right shape for your marcasite earring is a beautiful endeavor. Since the material is so easy to shape, you will find all kinds of earrings. For people that like to go for classics oval, circular, square and star shape are the way to go. If you are a little more daring you can go for crosses, owls or double circles. The important factor to bear in mind is the shape of your face. If you tend to have more of a round face, it is important to keep your wholesale marcasite earring opposite to it. This means that you should choose long and thin ones. On the other hand, if you have a long face, you can choose the smaller and rounder ones. The correct shape is half the work done; the next part is the following.

The correct size

Same as in the above section, your face has a lot to do with the shape selection. For this part of the task, we have to add the length of your hair. If you wear your hair short, it is better to have some longer earrings. You can find them with different stones, but the important is that they have to “hang” from your ears. Those with longer hair can choose either shape. Keeping it simple is important if you have longer hair, you don´t want to overcharge your face.

Conclusion, get a pair of wholesale marcasite earring today

Being a trend-setter, being different is not an easy task. If you have what it takes to dare to be the odd-one out, wholesale marcasite earrings will be the perfect choice. Be unique and show off with the perfect pair of wholesale marcasite earrings.